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Purchase Used Automotive Parts For A Restoration Project

Restoring an old sedan can be a challenging project that is filled with promise for the future. Envision yourself cruising down the road, all parts under the hood intact and the vehicle's interior resembling how it should have looked when the vehicle rolled off of a showroom floor. Being short on cash to purchase necessary parts for the operation of your car could put a damper on your plans. One way to obtain what you need for a fraction of the cost of new supplies is by visiting an auto salvage yard that offers a pick and pull service.

Check The Inventory

If you are in need of a common part, such as a radiator or a fan belt, the yard may have several options available. All parts are sold in an as-is condition, so you may need to check out what is under the hood of several vehicles before settling on the part that you prefer the most. Make contact with an associate of the salvage yard to inquire if the part that you need is in stock and to determine how many vehicles that are similar to yours are currently on the lot.

If the salvage yard is large and many people go there to pick and pull parts on a daily basis, some of the cars will be lacking vital components. Reputable salvage yard owners who are in the business of flipping old car parts for cash will likely seek the recycling of stripped vehicles so that they can constantly rotate their stock. If a mechanical part isn't in stock on a particular day, the following day or week could result in there being several options. 

Execute The Removal And Transport Of The Materials

Most salvage yards that allow customers to pick and pull parts will not provide the tools to do so. Bring along an all-in-one tool kit, or if you know exactly what type of tool you will need to get the job done, select a specific drill or a screwdriver that will assist you with completing the task. If you are interested in purchasing weighty items that could potentially take up a lot of space in the vehicle that you will be driving to the salvage yard, use a hand cart and a flatbed trailer to transport the heavy automotive parts.

After removing each part from one of the vehicles, load it onto the hand cart. Push the cart over to the flatbed trailer. Hoist the item onto the bed of the truck and use straps to secure it to the flatbed. All salvage yards will have their own payment process, and you will likely need to check in with an office employee to pay for the part or parts that you have obtained from a junk vehicle. 

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