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Key Factors That Influence Your Windshield Replacement Cost

If you've recently experienced a broken or cracked windshield, that's an indication that you are preparing for the expense of a windshield replacement. If you've never had a windshield replaced on the vehicle in question and you're going to be paying for it out of your own pocket, you might wonder what actually affects the price of the windshield you need to buy. Before you blindly accept the price, here are a few things you should know about what influences windshield replacement costs.

The Size Of The Windshield

Every vehicle model has its own specific windshield size requirement. Depending on the style, shape, and design of the car, the windshield may be larger or smaller. The size of that glass will directly affect the price of your windshield replacement. The larger the windshield, the more expensive the windshield replacement will be. 

The Windshield Composition

The composition of your car's windshield is another contributing factor. Each car model has its own requirements for factory windshield glass. Tinted and ultraviolet coated glass will each cost more than a standard, base model windshield. Ask your windshield replacement technician about any special features in your car's windshield that could affect the price, and find out if any of those features are optional.

Technological Features

Another important consideration that affects the cost of your windshield replacement is the presence of any technological features within your windshield. For example, windshield defrosters are pretty common, but sensor-driven defrost means there are sensors in the windshield. These can increase the cost of your windshield glass.

The same applies for auto-dimming windshield glass, in-glass reverse camera displays, and similar features. Consider any special features that are integrated into your windshield glass when you're having the windshield replaced. If you need to see about eliminating some features, talk with your windshield replacement technician about your options.

Unique Or Unusual Designs

Windshields with custom molding, unusual designs, or luxury styles are more expensive than standard windshields. The same applies to classic car windshields, which are typically more unusual than modern glass. 

Talk with your local windshield replacement contractor today for a price quote on your windshield replacement. They can also explain what affects that price if you ask for details. The more information you know, the easier it is for you to make the right choice. Don't let a cracked or broken windshield become a safety hazard in your car. Get the windshield glass replaced as soon as possible.

For more information, contact an auto glass replacement service in your area.

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