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Six Potential Obstacles You Might Have To Overcome To Sell Your Junk Car For Cash

Selling your junk car is a great way to get some cash and get rid of a vehicle that no longer runs. However, there might be a few obstacles you need to overcome before you're able to sell your junk car for cash. 

The following are six potential obstacles you might have to overcome so that you're able to sell your junk car for cash. 

Finding your title

One of the most basic and important things you are going to need to do before you sell your junk car is gather all your paperwork. The primary document you need is your title.

If you've lost your title, you're probably not going to be able to sell your junk car until you get it replaced. You can get a title replaced by going to the DMV, filling out some paperwork, and paying a fee. 

Getting any liens off your title

Even if you have your title, you might not yet be able to sell your junk car by signing it over to the buyer if there are liens on your title. Liens indicate that money is owed to a lender to pay off a loan that was used to purchase the car. 

If there is a lien on your title, you need to verify that the lien has been paid off before you'll be able to sell your junk car.  

Finding a buyer

Of course, you have to find a buyer in order to sell your junk car. However, this can be done in numerous ways. For instance, you can make some calls to various junkyards in your area to see if any are interested in buying your car. Alternatively, you could also post a classified ad in a local newspaper.

Cleaning out your car

In general, you should clean all of your possessions out of your car or make some minor repairs before offering your car to a willing buyer. 

Getting your car to the buyer

If your car is no longer running, you're going to have to get it towed to your buyer. When you sell to a junkyard, the yard usually can do its own towing and may be able to send out a tow truck to pick up your vehicle at your own home. 

Handling DMV issues

You'll need to get your plates off your car before you hand it over to the buyer. You'll be expected to return your plates to the DMV. It's also important to remember to call your insurance company and cancel your auto insurance policy so that you're not charged for any more premiums. For more information, contact a company that offers cash for cars.

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