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What's In A Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

A front disc brake conversion kit gives you everything needed to convert your vehicle's front brake from drum-style brakes to disc-style ones. Here are some of the various auto parts that you'll find in these kits.

Brake Pads

Disc brakes have brake pads that press against brake rotors, creating friction that slows and stops the vehicle. The pads are what absorb much of the force of stopping, for they're less dense than the metal of brake rotors.

Brake pads can be made of organic, ceramic, or semi-metallic material. Pads with harder materials tend to cost more, but they also don't wear out as quickly.

You might choose inexpensive organic brake pads if you're on a budget. Such pads will help you reliably stop for as long as they last. You'll save money by purchasing these pads, and you can put that saved money toward another part in your front disc brake conversion kit.

If money isn't an issue, however, you may choose to purchase the hardest ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads you can find. The front brakes absorb a lot of the force when you stop your car, for the car's momentum shifts forward. 

Denser brake pads will last longer, which means you won't have to replace them as often. That can be an especially significant factor if you're actually performing the brake conversion and future brake jobs yourself.

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are metal discs that sit between the brake pads. The discs rotate with the wheel, and the pads press onto the disks when you press the brake pedal. 

Because pads aren't as dense as rotors, the pads will wear out without any significant wear on the rotors. So long as you replace the brake pads before they're completely gone, in which case the metal backing of the pads can scratch the rotors, you may never need to replace the rotors.

Since you might never have to replace the rotors, invest in quality rotors that stay cool and brake efficiently. If you have to choose only one part to upgrade in your front disc brake conversion kit, the rotor is a solid choice because it could last for as long as your vehicle does.

Brake Bracket

The bracket is a metal piece that holds the brake pad in place, presses it against the rotor, and releases it. Make sure you use the brake bracket that comes with your front disc brake conversion kit, as it'll be compatible with the included pads.

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